“I think counting macros can be hugely useful – perhaps the most useful thing for people wanting to reach their health, fitness or weight loss goals,” personal trainer Harry Smith explained to The Independent.


The purpose of UGRIND is to have daily blogs on tracking the daily life style. As an Asian living with eating disorder for the last 30 years it has produced many underlying health issues and before all is lost a new strategy is formed.

The blogs will track macros and display how macros are counted. Hopefully, this can provide a healthy sustainable living and better mental physical capacity.


Name: Sam (AKA)

Age: 48

Race Asian

Gender: Male

Weight: 88Kg/193 Pounds

Height: 185Km/6feet 1inch

To Be Better – Than The Day Before

Feeling good mentally and physically from being able to count calories/macros and having proper exercise.

Improvement is the goal – To improve and live a healthy life.

The best time is to start now, as I myself has procrastinated many times and hope by doing weekly blogs tracking the gains and losses will help to over come the hump. Power to those that start now!